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Child Green T-Rex Costume

Child Green T-Rex Costume
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Your child will be roaring with carnivorous menace when he gets into this green T-rex costume! The green jumpsuit has a tron of print details, including stripe markings, reptile skin, and variations in color from light green to yellow. The back of the jumpsuit features a plushy tail, just like a real T-rex. The bottom of the suit doesn't have enclosed footies, but is designed to be shoe covers that secure beneath the foot with elastic. The back also secures with Velcro for a good fit. The hood has elastic around the neck hole for comfort, and then Velcro for a clasp. The plush T-rex head sits atop the face opening and features teeth and plastic eyes. The costume also includes dinosaur claw mittens that have elastic around the wrist. This T-Rex costume for kids is sure to have them scouring the plains looking for prey this Halloween!

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Child Green T-Rex Costume
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