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Deluxe Star Wars Jawa Mens Costume

Deluxe Star Wars Jawa Mens Costume
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Scavenge within the Galactic Empire in the Deluxe Star Wars Jawa Men's Costume. Jawas scavenged for technology to sell. They found such items as C-3PO and R2-D2 and were known as being swindlers. The Jawa ensemble features a long brown hooded robe with long sleeves bell sleeves. The hemline of the brown robe is jagged to add a used look. Across the chest is a double bandolier, one with pouches to store important items. The best part of this Jawa ensemble is a Jawa mask with glowing eyes. This Jawa costume will keep your identity secret so you can scavenge around the Halloween costume party. So, start practicing your high pitched voice and Jawanese so you can look like the real deal. We also offer many other Star Wars costumes in case you would like to go trick or treating, to a costume event or a Star Wars themed event as a themed group.

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Deluxe Star Wars Jawa Mens Costume
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