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Sexy True Blue Light-Up Fairy Costume

Sexy True Blue Light-Up Fairy Costume
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If you are looking for something different that will set you apart from the other girls, this sexy light-up fairy costume is just what you want to stand out from the crowd. When you walk into a party and twinkle with lights, you are sure to be noticed and get all of the attention at the party. This 5-piece Sexy True Blue Fairy Adult Costume includes a shimmer microfiber babydoll style dress with luminescent organza layers and unique fiber optic lights with a hidden pocket for the on/off switch, a silver rope belt, a headband, wings, and a light-up wand. Batteries included. Looking this magically sexy, you can even bring the puppet Pinocchio to life by granting Geppetto's wish of him becoming a real boy. You can guarantee that Pinocchio's nose won't be growing when he tells you how amazing you look dressed as this sexy version of the Blue Fairy from the classic Disney movie, Pinocchio.

This sexy light-up blue fairy costume operates with fiber optic technology. Fiber optics are tiny threads that contain the lights. Each light-up costume contains an inner pocket which is located on the side at the hip inside the costume. This pocket contains a tiny plastic battery case pack with batteries inside. The lights are turned on by a switch on the plastic battery case pack. Turning the batteries on and off is easily controlled by the wearer of the costume. Batteries last for up to 100 hours!

Sexy True Blue Light-Up Fairy Costume
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